CAS Number
SIN Groups
(Poly)halogenated aromatics
Reason for inclusion on the SIN List
1,2-dichlorobenzene is very toxic to aquatic species, it is potentially very persistant and very bioaccumulative and has been detected in environmental and human samples. Therefore ChemSec considers this to be of equivalent level of concern according to the 57f criteria. 
Date for inclusion on the SIN List
2008 September
REACH status, appears on
Source: ESIS
CoRAP list
Registration information
Source: ESIS
Full registration, Intermediate registration
Hazard class and category code(s)
Source: ECHA
Acute Tox. 4 *
Eye Irrit. 2
Skin Irrit. 2
Aquatic Acute 1
Aquatic Chronic 1

Chemical information

o-Dichlorobenzene; Benzene, o-dichloro-; ortho-dichlorobenzene
EC number
Hazard statement code(s)
Source: ECHA
Registered production volume
Source: ECHA
10000 - 100000 tonnes per annum
(Bio)monitoring data
Yes, in drinking water.; In soil, sediment, sewage sludge, aquatic biota.; In rivers, estuaries, marine waters.; In ground water, in various foods, fish and seafood. In human adipose tissue and breast milk.; In rain water.
Possible uses
Source: KI; TOXNET; US EPA; Monferran et al 2007, van Wijk et al 2004; HSDB; scorecard
Paint strippings, solvents, degreasers, deodorizers, building materials, pesticides; Metal cleaner/polishers, car polish/cleaners, in building/constructions, plastic foam insulations, block insulations, deodorants/air fresheners, indoor cleaning/sanitation
Technical function of substances
Source: Monferran et al 2007; HSDB; www.epa.gov; NCH
Solvent, deodorant, degreasing agentSolvent for waxes, gums, resins, tars, rubbers, oils, asphalts. Degreasing metals, lether, wool. Solvent for paints. Removing paints. Odor control
Registered use(s) - Sector End Use (SU)
Source: ECHA
SU 12: Manufacture of plastics products, including compounding and conversion
SU 8: Manufacture of  bulk, large scale chemicals (including petroleum products)
SU 9: Manufacture of fine chemicals
Registered use(s) - Chemical Product category (PC)
Source: ECHA
PC 16: Heat transfer fluids
PC 19: Intermediate
PC 20: Products such as ph-regulators, flocculants, precipitants, neutralisation agents
PC 21: Laboratory chemicals
Registered use(s) - Environmental Release Category (ERC)
Source: ECHA
ERC  7: Industrial use of substances in closed systems
ERC 1: Manufacture of substances
ERC 2: Formulation of preparations
ERC 4: Industrial use of processing aids in processes and products, not becoming part of articles
ERC 6a: Industrial use resulting in manufacture of another substance (use of intermediates)
ERC 9a: Wide dispersive indoor use of substances in closed systems
Registered use(s) - Process Category (PROC)
Source: ECHA
PROC 15: Use as laboratory reagent
PROC 1: Use in closed process, no likelihood of exposure
PROC 21: Low energy manipulation of substances bound in materials and/or articles
PROC 2: Use in closed, continuous  process with occasional controlled exposure
PROC 3: Use in closed batch process (synthesis or formulation)
PROC 4: Use in batch and other process (synthesis) where opportunity for exposure arises
PROC 8b: Transfer of substance or preparation (charging/discharging) from/to vessels/large containers at dedicated facilities
PROC 9: Transfer of substance or preparation into small containers (dedicated filling line, including weighing)


Company Group
Company Name
DIC Group

SUN CHEMICAL, 35 Waterview Blvd., Parsippany, Morris, 07054, NJ, US, , USA


LANXESS CORP, 111 Ridc Park West Dr, Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, 15275-1112, PA, US, , USA

LANXESS CORP, 111 Ridc Park West Dr, Pittsburgh, US, , USA

Lanxess Deutschland GmbH, Kennedyplatz 1 50569 Köln Germany , , Germany

Lanxess Deutschland GmbH , Kennedyplatz 1 50569 Köln Germany, , Germany

Petro Carbo Chem

PCC Rokita SA, Sienkiewicza 4 56-120 Brzeg Dolny Poland , , Poland

PCC Rokita SA, Sienkiewicza 4 56-120 Brzeg Dolny, Poland, , Poland


SABIC Innovative Plastics BV, Plasticslaan 1 4612 PX Bergen op Zoom Netherlands Netherlands , , Netherlands

SABIC INNOVATIVE PLASTICS MT. VERNON, LLC, 1 Lexan Ln, Mount Vernon, Posey, 476209364, IN, US, , USA

Source: ECHA