CAS Number
SIN Groups
Cadmium compounds
Reason for inclusion on the SIN List
Classified CMR according to Annex VI of Regulation 1272/2008
Date for inclusion on the SIN List
2008 September
REACH status, appears on
Source: ECHA
Candidate list
Restriction list (annex XVII)
Registration information
Source: ECHA
Full registration
Hazard class and category code(s)
Source: ECHA
Pyr. Sol. 1
Carc. 1B
Muta. 2
Repr. 2
Acute Tox. 2 *
Aquatic Acute 1
Aquatic Chronic 1

Chemical information

Cadmio, Cd
EC number
Hazard statement code(s)
Source: ECHA
H372 **
Registered production volume
Source: ECHA
1000 - 10000 tonnes per annum
Possible uses
Source: HSDB
fire protection systems, machinery enamels, baking enamels, photography, lithography, Batteries, Ni-Cd storage batteries; coating and electroplating steel, electronics, optics; soft solder, solder for aluminum, copper
Technical function of substances
Source: HSDB
hardener, catalyst,
Registered use(s) - Sector End Use (SU)
Source: ECHA
SU 10: Formulation [mixing] of preparations and/or re-packaging (excluding alloys)
SU 14: Manufacture of basic metals, including alloys
SU 15: Manufacture of fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment
SU 16: Manufacture of computer, electronic and optical products, electrical equipment
SU 17: General manufacturing, e.g. machinery, equipment, vehicles, other transport equipment
SU 18: Manufacture of furniture
SU 19: Building and construction work
SU 8: Manufacture of  bulk, large scale chemicals (including petroleum products)
SU 9: Manufacture of fine chemicals
Registered use(s) - Chemical Product category (PC)
Source: ECHA
PC 14: Metal surface treatment products, including galvanic and electroplating products
PC 19: Intermediate
PC 20: Products such as ph-regulators, flocculants, precipitants, neutralisation agents
PC 21: Laboratory chemicals
PC 2: Adsorbents
PC 38: Welding and soldering products (with flux coatings or flux cores.), flux products
PC 40: Extraction agents
PC 7: Base metals and alloys
PC 9b: Fillers, putties, plasters, modelling clay
Registered use(s) - Article category (AC)
Source: ECHA
AC 1: Vehicles
AC 2: Machinery, mechanical appliances, electrical/electronic articles
AC 3: Electrical batteries and accumulators
AC 7: Metal articles
Registered use(s) - Environmental Release Category (ERC)
Source: ECHA
ERC 10a: Wide dispersive outdoor use of long-life articles and materials with low release
ERC 11a: Wide dispersive indoor use of long-life articles and materials with low release
ERC 12a: Industrial processing of articles with abrasive techniques (low release)
ERC 1: Manufacture of substances
ERC 2: Formulation of preparations
ERC 3: Formulation in materials
ERC 4: Industrial use of processing aids in processes and products, not becoming part of articles
ERC 5: Industrial use resulting in inclusion into or onto a matrix
ERC 6a: Industrial use resulting in manufacture of another substance (use of intermediates)
ERC 6b: Industrial use of reactive processing aids
Registered use(s) - Process Category (PROC)
Source: ECHA
PROC 13: Treatment of articles by dipping and pouring
PROC 14: Production of preparations or articles by tabletting, compression, extrusion, pelletisation
PROC 15: Use as laboratory reagent
PROC 1: Use in closed process, no likelihood of exposure
PROC 21: Low energy manipulation of substances bound in materials and/or articles
PROC 22: Potentially closed processing operations with minerals/metals at elevated temperature. Industrial setting
PROC 23: Open processing and transfer operations with minerals/metals at elevated temperature
PROC 24: High (mechanical) energy work-up of substances bound in materials and/or articles
PROC 25: Other hot work operations with metals
PROC 26: Handling of solid inorganic substances at ambient temperature
PROC 27a: Production of metal powders (hot processes)
PROC 27b: Production of metal powders (wet processes)
PROC 2: Use in closed, continuous  process with occasional controlled exposure
PROC 3: Use in closed batch process (synthesis or formulation)
PROC 4: Use in batch and other process (synthesis) where opportunity for exposure arises
PROC 5: Mixing or blending in batch processes for formulation of preparations and articles (multistage and/or significant contact)
PROC 6: Calendering operations
PROC 8b: Transfer of substance or preparation (charging/discharging) from/to vessels/large containers at dedicated facilities
PROC 9: Transfer of substance or preparation into small containers (dedicated filling line, including weighing)


Company Group
Company Name
5N Plus

5N Plus Lübeck GmbH, Kaninchenborn 24-28 23560 Luebeck Germany , , Germany

5N PV GmbH, Oderlandstrasse 104 15890 Eisenhüttenstadt Brandenburg Germany , , Germany


A.M.P.E.R.E. INDUSTRIE, 5-7 Rue de Bretagne P.A. des Béthunes 95310 SAINT-OUEN-L'AUMONE VAL D'OISE France , , France

Boliden Group

Boliden Odda AS, Eitrheim 5750 Odda Norway , , Norway


Comarco SpA OR for I.M.M.S.A., Piazza della Vittoria 10 16121 Genova Italy , , Italy


FIRST SOLAR INC, 28101 Cedar Park Blvd, Perrysburg, Wood, 43551, OH, US, , USA

Flaurea Chemicals

Flaurea Chemicals SA, Quai des usines 12 7800 Ath Hainaut Belgium , , Belgium


Société Nouvelle d'Affinage des Métaux, Avenue Jean Jaurès 12110 Viviez France , , France


Nordenhamer Zinkhütte GmbH, Johannastr. 1 26954 Nordenham Germany , , Germany

Halma Handels GmbH

HALMA Handels GmbH, Reichstratsstrasse 11/3 1010 Wien Austria , , Austria


INMETCO, One Inmetco Dr, Ellwood City, Lawrence, 16117, PA, US, , USA

James M. Brown

James M. Brown Limited, Napier Street Fenton ST4 4NX Stoke-on-Trent Staffordshire United Kingdom , , United Kingdom

KCM 2000 Group

KCM S.A., Assenovgradsko shosse 4009 Plovdiv Bulgaria , , Bulgaria


PALM COMMODITIES INTERNATIONAL, INC., 1717 Jp Hennessey Drive, Lavergne, Davidson, 37086-3526, TN, US, , USA

Service Provider

ITS Testing Services (UK) Ltd 13, Caleb Brett House 734 London Road RM20 3NL West Thurrock, Grays Essex United Kingdom , , United Kingdom

KTR Europe GmbH, Mergenthalerallee 77 65760 Eschborn Germany , , Germany

KTR Europe GmbH , Mergenthalerallee 77 65760 Eschborn Germany, , Germany

Todini Group

TODINI AND CO. SPA, Corso Milano 46 B 20900 MONZA ITALIA Italy , , Italy


SAFT AB, Jungnergatan - Box 709 572 28 OSKARSHAMN Sweden , , Sweden

SAFT SAS, 26 Quai Charles Pasqua 92300 LEVALLOIS-PERRET France , , France

SAFT SAS , 26 Quai Charles Pasqua 92300 LEVALLOIS-PERRET France, , France


Traxys Europe SA , 19-21 Route Arlon same L-8009 Strassen Luxembourg Luxembourg, , Luxembourg


Nyrstar Budel BV, Hoofdstraat 1 6024 AA Budel-Dorplein Netherlands , , Netherlands

NYRSTAR CLARKSVILLE INC, 1800 Zinc Plant Rd, Clarksville, Montgomery, 37040, TN, US, , USA

UMICORE MARKETING SERVICES INC., 3600 Glenwood Ave., Suite 250, Raleigh, Wake, 27612, NC, US, , USA

Vital Materials

Vital MATERIALS EUROPE BVBA, Pegasuslaan 5 1830 Diegem Belgium , , Belgium

Votorantim group

Votorantim GmbH, Huber sattler gasse 01 4th floor 5020 salzburg Austria , , Austria

ZGH Grupa Boleslaw

Huta Cynku Miasteczko Śląskie S.A., Hutnicza 17 42-610 Miasteczko Śląskie Poland , , Poland

Source: ECHA