Triphenyltin chloride

CAS Number
Triphenyltin chloride
SIN Groups
Tin compounds
Reason for inclusion on the SIN List
Triphenyltin (TPhT) compounds are endocrine disruptors, possible carcinogens reprotoxic substances and have specific organ toxicity.  They are  also very persistent and very bio-accumulative and have been found in humans and the environment.
Date for inclusion on the SIN List
2008 September
REACH status, appears on
Restriction list (annex XVII)
Hazard class and category code(s)
Source: ECHA
No harmonized CLP classification

Chemical information

Fentin chloride, TPTCl
EC number
(Bio)monitoring data
Yes, in fish and seafood, in humans
Possible uses
Source: Garaventa et al 2007; Sarpa et al 2007; KI; HSDB; TOXNET
Polyurethane foam; window frames, door frames, garden furnitures, textiles for outdoor use, Antifouling paints, biocides, rodent repellents, wood preservation
Technical function of substances
Source:; Garaventa et al 2007; HSDB
catalyst; Biocidal, Pesticide