CAS Number
SIN Groups
Highly reactive compounds
Reason for inclusion on the SIN List
Formaldehyde is a classified carcinogen, also reported to be mutagenic and toxic for reproduction. It is has been detected in both humans and the environment.
Date for inclusion on the SIN List
2008 September
REACH status, appears on
Source: ESIS
CoRAP list
Registration information
Source: ESIS
Full registration
Hazard class and category code(s)
Source: ECHA
Carc. 1B
Muta. 2
Acute Tox. 3*
Acute Tox. 3*
Acute Tox. 3*
Skin Corr. 1B
Skin Sens. 1

Chemical information

Formalin; formic aldehyde; methaldehyde; methanal; methyl aldehyde; paraformaldehyde; paraform; superlysoform; methylene oxide; lysoform
EC number
Hazard statement code(s)
Source: ECHA
Registered production volume
Source: ECHA
1000000+ tonnes per annum
(Bio)monitoring data
Yes, in indoor and outdoor air, rainwater, rivers, cigarette smoke; fish and shellfish, beverages.
Possible uses
Source: Arts et al (2006); Dhareshwar & Stella (2008); Thrasher & Kilburn (2001); Hauptmann et al (2004); (1) HSDB; (2) Environment Canada; (3) Australian government, 2001; (4) U.S. EPA
Synthetic resins, lubricants, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, various foods; photographic film. Manufacture of adhesives for particle board (used as sub-flooring and shelving, in cabinetry, furniture), fiber board (drawer fronts, cabinets, and furniture tops), plywood (decorative wall covering, in cabinets and furniture); manufacture of molding compounds for dinnerware, electric controls, telephones, and wiring services; foundry resins; binders for thermal and sound insulating materials; in decorative and industrial laminates, thermoset surface coatings. (1,4) Cosmetics (hair preparations, lotions, makeup and mouthwashes and is also present in hand cream, bath products, mascara and eye makeup, cuticle softeners, nail creams, deodorants and shaving cream (antimicrobial agent, drying agent) (2,3); in household cleaning agents, dishwashing liquids, fabric softeners, shoe-care agents, car shampoos and waxes, carpet cleaning agents (2); dyes, water-based paints (1) (as a preservative) (2); in leather tanning, in gasoline (stabiliser), in textile fabrics (crease-proof treatment agent)
Technical function of substances
Source: Arts et al (2006); Dhareshwar & Stella (2008); Australian government, 2005
Disinfectant, preservative; Food additive, fumigant, stabilizer, a starch modifier, a reagent in analysis, drying agent, photographic film hardener
Registered use(s) - Sector End Use (SU)
Source: ECHA
SU 10: Formulation [mixing] of preparations and/or re-packaging (excluding alloys)
SU 11: Manufacture of rubber products
SU 12: Manufacture of plastics products, including compounding and conversion
SU 13: Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products, e.g. plasters, cement
SU 14: Manufacture of basic metals, including alloys
SU 15: Manufacture of fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment
SU 17: General manufacturing, e.g. machinery, equipment, vehicles, other transport equipment
SU 18: Manufacture of furniture
SU 19: Building and construction work
SU 24: Scientific research and development
SU 2a: Mining (without offshore industries)
SU 2b: Offshore industries
SU 5: Manufacture of textiles, leather, fur
SU 6a: Manufacture of wood and wood products
SU 6b: Manufacture of pulp, paper and paper products
SU 7: Printing and reproduction of recorded media
SU 8: Manufacture of  bulk, large scale chemicals (including petroleum products)
SU 9: Manufacture of fine chemicals
Registered use(s) - Chemical Product category (PC)
Source: ECHA
PC 12: Fertilisers
PC 13: Fuels
PC 15: Non-metal-surface treatment products
PC 18: Ink and toners
PC 19: Intermediate
PC 1: Adhesives, sealants
PC 20: Products such as ph-regulators, flocculants, precipitants, neutralisation agents
PC 21: Laboratory chemicals
PC 23: Leather tanning, dye, finishing, impregnation and care products
PC 26: Paper and board dye, finishing and impregnation products: including bleaches and other processing aids
PC 29: Pharmaceuticals
PC 31: Polishes and wax blends
PC 32: Polymer preparations and compounds
PC 34: Textile dyes, finishing and impregnating products
including bleaches and other processing aids
PC 35: Washing and cleaning products (including solvent based products)
PC 37: Water treatment chemicals
PC 39: Cosmetics, personal care products
PC 3: Air care products
PC 8: Biocidal products (e.g. disinfectants, pest control)
PC 9a: Coatings and paints, thinners, paint removes
PC 9b: Fillers, putties, plasters, modelling clay
PC 9c: Finger paints
Registered use(s) - Article category (AC)
Source: ECHA
AC 11: Wood articles
AC 13: Plastic articles
AC2b: Other machinery, mechanical appliances, electrical/electronic articles (e.g. large-scale stationary industrial tools)
Registered use(s) - Environmental Release Category (ERC)
Source: ECHA
ERC  7: Industrial use of substances in closed systems
ERC 10a: Wide dispersive outdoor use of long-life articles and materials with low release
ERC 11a: Wide dispersive indoor use of long-life articles and materials with low release
ERC 12a: Industrial processing of articles with abrasive techniques (low release)
ERC 1: Manufacture of substances
ERC 2: Formulation of preparations
ERC 3: Formulation in materials
ERC 4: Industrial use of processing aids in processes and products, not becoming part of articles
ERC 5: Industrial use resulting in inclusion into or onto a matrix
ERC 6a: Industrial use resulting in manufacture of another substance (use of intermediates)
ERC 6b: Industrial use of reactive processing aids
ERC 6c: Industrial use of monomers for manufacture of thermoplastics
ERC 6d: Industrial use of  process regulators for polymerisation processes in  production of resins, rubbers, polymers
ERC 8a: Wide dispersive indoor use of processing aids in open systems
ERC 8b: Wide dispersive indoor use of reactive substances in open systems
ERC 8c: Wide dispersive indoor use resulting in inclusion into or onto a matrix
ERC 8d: Wide dispersive outdoor use of processing aids in open systems
ERC 8e: Wide dispersive outdoor use of reactive substances in open systems
ERC 8f: Wide dispersive outdoor use resulting in inclusion into or onto a matrix
Registered use(s) - Process Category (PROC)
Source: ECHA
PROC 10: Roller application or brushing
PROC 11: Non industrial spraying
PROC 12: Use of blowing agents in manufacture of foam
PROC 13: Treatment of articles by dipping and pouring
PROC 14: Production of preparations or articles by tabletting, compression, extrusion, pelletisation
PROC 15: Use as laboratory reagent
PROC 16: Using material as fuel sources, limited exposure to unburned product to be expected
PROC 19: Hand-mixing with intimate contact and only PPE available.
PROC 1: Use in closed process, no likelihood of exposure
PROC 21: Low energy manipulation of substances bound in materials and/or articles
PROC 22: Potentially closed processing operations with minerals/metals at elevated temperature. Industrial setting
PROC 23: Open processing and transfer operations with minerals/metals at elevated temperature
PROC 24: High (mechanical) energy work-up of substances bound in materials and/or articles
PROC 25: Other hot work operations with metals
PROC 2: Use in closed, continuous  process with occasional controlled exposure
PROC 3: Use in closed batch process (synthesis or formulation)
PROC 4: Use in batch and other process (synthesis) where opportunity for exposure arises
PROC 5: Mixing or blending in batch processes for formulation of preparations and articles (multistage and/or significant contact)
PROC 6: Calendering operations
PROC 7: Industrial spraying
PROC 8a: Transfer of substance or preparation (charging/discharging) from/to vessels/large containers at non-dedicated facilities
PROC 8b: Transfer of substance or preparation (charging/discharging) from/to vessels/large containers at dedicated facilities
PROC 9: Transfer of substance or preparation into small containers (dedicated filling line, including weighing)


Company Group
Company Name

3M Belgium BVBA/SPRL, Hermeslaan 7 1831 Diegem, , Belgium


AB Achema, Jonalaukio km. Ruklos sen., LT55549, Jonavos r., Lithuania

Acron Group

AS DBT, Narva mnt 7 D,10118, Tallinn, Estonia


Advachem sa, Route de Wallonie Darse d'Hautrage,7333, Hautrage Hainaut, Belgium


Agrium Egypt SA, Avenue Louise 326 box 36,1049, Brussels, Belgium

Akzo Nobel

Akzo Nobel Adhesives AB, P.O. Box 11538 SE-100 61 Stockholm, , Sweden

Akzo Nobel Surface Chemistry AB, Stenunge Allé, S-44483, STENUNGSUND, Sweden


alder S.p.A., riva cadamosto 6,34146, trieste, Italy


Allnex Belgium NV/SA OR, Anderlechtstraat 33,1619, Drogenbos, Belgium


Alroko GmbH & Co KG, Borsteler Chaussee 55 22453 Hamburg, , Germany


BYK-Cera b.v., Danzigweg 23, 7418 EN, Deventer, Netherlands

Anthesis Group

Caleb Management Services 19, The Stables, Somerset House Church Road, Tormarton, GL9 1HT, Badminton Gloucestershire, United Kingdom


Archroma France, SAS, Rue du Flottage,60354, Trosly-Breuil, France

Archroma Germany GmbH, Kasteler Str. 45,65201, Wiesbaden, Germany

Archroma Ibérica S.L.U., ZAL-Prat c/Cal Coracero, 46-56,8827, El Prat de Llobregat, Spain

Ascend Performance Materials



Ashland Specialties UK Ltd, Vale Industrial Estate Stourport Road, UK-DY11 7QU, Kidderminster Worcestershire, United Kingdom

ISP Marl GmbH, Building # 1878, Postfach 13 20 Paul Baumann Strasse 1, D - 45764, Marl, Germany

azoty group

Witt Handel GmbH, Raboisen 6 20095 Hamburg, , Germany

Baker Hughes

Baker Hughes Ltd, 3rd Floor, Building 5, Chiswick Park 566 Chiswick High Road, Chiswick, W4 5YF, London, United Kingdom


BASF Antwerpen N.V., Haven 725, Scheldelaan 600,2040, Antwerpen 4 Antwerpen, Belgium

BASF IMPORTS PART 1, 100 Park Ave, Florham Park, Morris, 07932, NJ, , USA

BASF Polyurethanes GmbH, Elastogranstr. 60,49448, Lemförde Niedersachsen, Germany

BASF SE, Carl-Bosch-Str. 38,67056, Ludwigshafen am Rhein Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany

Bayer AG

Covestro Deutschland AG, Kaiser-Wilhelm-Allee 60 51373 Leverkusen, , Germany

Covestro Deutschland AG OR CN_001554, Kaiser-Wilhelm-Allee 60 51373 Leverkusen, , Germany

Covestro Deutschland AG OR US_001257, Kaiser-Wilhelm-Allee 60 51373 Leverkusen, , Germany


ARCLIN USA INC WINNFIELD, 344 Tannehill Road, Winnfield, Winn, 71483, LA, , USA

ARCLIN USA LLC, 6175 American Road, Toledo, Lucas, 43612-3901, OH, , USA

ARCLIN USA, LLC, 790 Corinth Rd, Moncure, Chatham, 27559, NC, , USA

Blue Frog Scientific

Blue Frog Scientific Limited, Scott House 10 South St Andrew Street, EH2 2AZ, Edinburgh Midlothian, United Kingdom

Bresfor Industria do Formol

BRESFOR, Avenida dos Bacalhoeiros, 3834-908, Gafanha da Nazaré Aveiro, Portugal


Celanese Europe BV, The New Atrium Strawinskylaan 3105 1077 ZX Amsterdam, , Netherlands

Celanese Production Germany GmbH & Co. KG, Am Unisys-Park 1 65843 Sulzbach, , Germany

Caldic Chemie

Caldic Chemie B.V., Westerlaan 1 3016 CK Rotterdam, , Netherlands

Caldic Chemie Produktie B.V., Westerlaan 1 3016 CK Rotterdam, , Netherlands


CAPITAL RESIN CORP, 324 Dering Ave., Columbus, Franklin, 432072956, OH, , USA

Cardolite Corperation

Cardolite Specialty Chemicals Europe NV, Wijmenstraat 21 K bus 2, B-9030, Mariakerke (Gent), Belgium


CCD (Germany) GmbH, Graf-Adolf-Strasse 68,40210, Düsseldorf, Germany


BISHOP FACILITY, 5738 County Road 4, Bishop, Nueces, 78343, TX, , USA

Charles River

Charles River Laboratories Den Bosch B.V. OR23, Hambakenwetering 7 5231DD 's-Hertogenbosch, , Netherlands

ChemCom Industries

ChemCom Industries B.V., Oosterhorn 10, NL-9936 HD, Farmsum, Netherlands


CHT Austria R. Beitlich GmbH, Aeueleweg 3 6812 Meiningen, , Austria

CHT OR 13, Bismarckstr. 102,72072, Tuebingen, Germany

CHT R. Beitlich GmbH, Bismarckstr. 102,72072, Tuebingen, Germany


Clariant Produkte (Deutschland) GmbH, Am Unisys-Park 1,65843, Sulzbach am Taunus, Germany

Cytec Industries

Cytec Industries B.V. OR, Burgemeester van Lierplein 75, 3134 ZB, Vlaardingen, Netherlands


DB WESTERN, INC. - TEXAS, 12511 Strang Road, La Porte, Harris, 77571-8704, TX, , USA


DIAKOL STRAZSKE, s.r.o., Priemyselna 720, 072 22, Strazske, Slovakia

DIC Group

Sun Chemical B.V., Leeuwenveldseweg 3-t, 1382 LV, Weesp, Netherlands


Dow Belgium B.V.B.A., Havenlaan 7 B 3980 Tessenderlo, , Belgium

DOW BENELUX B.V., Postbus 48, 4530 AA, Terneuzen, Netherlands

DOW BENELUX B.V. - OR1, Postbus 48, 4530 AA, Terneuzen, Netherlands

DOW BENELUX B.V. OR -30, Postbus 48, 4530 AA, Terneuzen, Netherlands

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DOW BENELUX B.V. OR-5, Postbus 48, 4530 AA, Terneuzen, Netherlands

Dow Benelux B.V. OR-51, Postbus 48, 4530 AA, Terneuzen, Netherlands

DUPONT WASHINGTON WORKS, State Route 892, Washington, Wood, 26181, WV, , USA

Rohm and Haas Europe Trading ApS inactive, Sorgenfrivej 15,2800, Kongens Lyngby, Denmark

Dukol Ostrava

DUKOL Ostrava, s.r.o., Chemicka 1/2039, 709 03, Ostrava - Mar. Hory, Czech Republic


DYNACHEM INC, 1 Maple Grove Road Po Box 19, Georgetown, Vermillion, 61846-0019, IL, , USA


Dynea AS, Svelleveien 33, N-2004, Lillestroem, Norway

Dynea N.V., Moervaartkai 7, B-9042, Gent, Belgium

Metadynea Austria GmbH, Hafenstrasse 77, A-3500, Krems, Austria

Metadynea Trading GmbH, Hafenstrasse 77, A-3500, Krems, Austria

Nordalim A/S, Samoavej 1, DK-8000, Århus, Denmark


DyStar Colours Distribution GmbH, Am Prime-Parc 10-12, D-65479, Raunheim, Germany


Campact Limited, Anick Grange Road, NE46 4JS, Hexham Northumberland, United Kingdom

EGGER Technologia S.R.L, Str. Austriei 2 cam. 3,725400, Radauti Jud. Suceava, Romania

LTPro GmbH, Am Haffeld 1, D-23970, Wismar, Germany


Envigo Consulting Limited, Woolley Road Alconbury PE28 4HS Huntingdon Cambridgeshire, , United Kingdom


Ercros SA, Avenida Diagonal 593-595,8014, Barcelona, Spain


Infineum UK Ltd, PO Box 1 Milton Hill, OX13 6BB, Abingdon Oxon, United Kingdom

Fantoni Group

Fantoni S.p.A, Via Europa Unita 1,33010, OSOPPO UD, Italy

FARCOLL Fabbrica Resine Collanti

FARCOLL Fabbrica Resine Collanti, via Lorenzo Perosi 40 15057 TORTONA (AL) PIEMONTE, , Italy


FORESA FRANCE, Avenue des Industries,33440, Ambarès-et-Lagrave, France

FORESA, Industrias Quimicas del Noroeste, S.A., Avenida de Doña Urraca, 91 36650 CALDAS DE REIS PONTEVEDRA, , Spain

Forestal del Atlántico

FORESTAL DEL ATLANTICO S.A., Punta Promontoiro, s.n.,15620, Mugardos- A Coruña Galicia, Spain

Frati Group

Chimica Pomponesco Spa, Via delle Industrie,1,46030, Pomponesco Lombardia, Italy

FUJIFILM Corporation

FujiFilm Manufacturing Europe BV, Oudenstaart 1, 5047 TK, Tilburg, Netherlands

General Electric

GE Water & Process Technologies BVBA, Toekomstlaan 54,2200, Herentals, Belgium

GE Water & Process Technologies France SAS, Immeuble NEPTUNE II 35 bis Avenue Saint-Germain des Noyers,77400, SAINT-THIBAULT-DES-VIGNES, France

Great Chemical Synthesis group

Grupa Azoty S.A., ul. Kwiatkowskiego 8, 33-101, Tarnow, Poland

Gruppo F.A.R.

POLIOLI, viale Emilia 85,20093, Cologno Monzese (MI), Italy

Gruppo Mauro Saviola

SADEPAN CHIMICA NV, Henry Fordlaan 68,3600, Genk, Belgium

Gruppo Trombini

Gruppo Trombini SpA, Via Piscina,13,10060, Frossasco Torino, Italy

Harima Chemicals

Lawter BVBA, Haven 1520 Ketenislaan 1, B-9130, Kallo East Flanders, Belgium


Helm AG, Nordkanalstraße 28,20097, Hamburg, Germany


Henkel Electronic Materials (Belgium) N.V., Nijverheidsstraat 7,2260, Westerlo, Belgium

Henkel Global Supply Chain B.V., Brugwal 11, 3432NZ, Nieuwegein, Netherlands


Hexion B.V., Seattleweg 17, building 4, 3195 ND, Pernis-Rotterdam, Netherlands

Hexion Forest Products GmbH, Am Haupttor Bau 7545,6237, Leuna, Germany

Hexion GmbH, Varziner Str. 49 47138 Duisburg North Rhine-Westphalia, , Germany

Hexion Italia S.r.l., Via Mazzini,104,21058, Solbiate Olona, VA, Italy

Hexion Oy, Teollisuustie 20 B,82430, Puhos, Finland

Hexion Specialty Chemicals Iberica, S.A., Ante Pardo 7 - Pol Industrial Lantaron c.p :1213, E-01213, Lantaron Alava, Spain

Hexion UK Limited, Sully Moors Road, CF64 5YU, Sully South Glamorgan, United Kingdom

Hobart Enterprises Group

A V Pound & Co. Ltd, Goolds Hill Houes Old Cork Road Mallow Co. Cork, , Ireland

Huber Group

MHM Holding GmbH, Feldkirchener Straße 15, D-85551, Kirchheim, Germany

Huntsman International

Huntsman Advanced Materials (Europe) BVBA, Everslaan 45, B-3078, Everberg, Belgium

HUNTSMAN HOLLAND BV, Merseyweg 10, 3197 KG, Botlek-Rotterdam, Netherlands

Huntsman Textile Effects (Germany) GmbH, Rehlinger Str. 1, D-86462, Langweid a.Lech, Germany


INEOS Melamines GmbH, Alt Fechenheim 34,60386, Frankfurt am Main Germany, Germany

INEOS Melamines GmbH - OR Indian Orchard, Alt Fechenheim 34,60386, Frankfurt am Main Germany, Germany

INEOS Paraform GmbH & Co. KG, Hauptstrasse 30,55120, Mainz, Germany

Kao Group

Kao Chemicals Europe, S.L. (2), Puig dels Tudons,10,8210, Barbera del Valles Barcelona, Spain


Kastamonu Bulgaria AD, Shipchenska epopeya 24 Shipchenska epopeya 24,6151, Gorno Sahrane Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

Koch Industries

GEORGIA-PACIFC CHEMICALS LLC, 13136 Highway 28 West, Taylorsville, Smith, 39168, MS, , USA

GEORGIA-PACIFIC CHEMICALS LLC, 2665 Hwy 99n, Eugene, Lane, 97402, OR, , USA

GEORGIA-PACIFIC CHEMICALS INC, Hwy 82 & Paper Mill Road, Crossett, Ashley, 71635, AR, , USA

GEORGIA-PACIFIC CHEMICALS LLC, 1429 East Lufkin Avenue, Lufkin, Angelina, 75901-4997, TX, , USA

GEORGIA-PACIFIC CHEMICALS, LLC, 1975 Watkins Rd, Columbus, Franklin, 43207, OH, , USA


Kronochem GmbH Lampertswalde, Muehlbacher Str.1,1561, Lampertswalde / Dresden, Germany

KRONOCHEM USA LLC RESIN PLANT EXPANSION, 1 Kronospan Way, Eastaboga, Calhoun, 36260, AL, , USA

Kronospan Chemical Szczecinek Sp. z o.o., Warynskiego1, 78-400, Szczecinek, Poland

Kronospan Chemicals, S.L., Barrio de Castañares S/N,9199, Burgos, Spain

Kronospan Limited, Holyhead Road, LL14 5NT, Wrexham / Chirk, United Kingdom

Kronospan Sebes SA, 59 M.Kogalniceanu,515800, Sebes, Romania


Lanxess Deutschland GmbH, Kennedyplatz 1,50569, Köln Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

Leica Biosystems

Leica Biosystems Nussloch GmbH, Heidelberger Straße 17-19 69226 Nussloch, , Germany


LERG S.A., Pustkow-Osiedle 59 D, 39-206, Pustkow 3 podkarpackie, Poland


LIVINGSTON INTERNATIONAL, 537 N Regional Rd, Greensboro, Guilford, 27409, NC, , USA


Lubrizol Advanced Materials Europe B.V.B.A, Nijverheidsstraat 30,2260, Westerlo-Oevel, Belgium

Lubrizol Deutschland GmbH, Max-Planck-Strasse 6,27721, RITTERHUDE, Germany

Lubrizol France SAS, 25 Quai de France,76100, ROUEN, France

Lubrizol Limited 01, The Knowle, Nether Lane Hazelwwod, DE56 4AN, Derby Derbyshire, United Kingdom

Lubrizol Limited 02, The Knowle, Nether Lane Hazelwwod, DE56 4AN, Derby Derbyshire, United Kingdom

Lubrizol Limited 06, The Knowle, Nether Lane Hazelwwod, DE56 4AN, Derby Derbyshire, United Kingdom

Lubrizol Limited 12, The Knowle, Nether Lane Hazelwwod, DE56 4AN, Derby Derbyshire, United Kingdom

Lubrizol Limited 15, The Knowle, Nether Lane Hazelwwod, DE56 4AN, Derby Derbyshire, United Kingdom


Merck Performance Materials GmbH, Rheingaustrasse 190-196 65203 Wiesbaden, , Germany


Manufacture Française des Pneumatiques Michelin (OR CAN), Place des Carmes Déchaux,63040, Clermont Ferrand, France

Manufacture Française des Pneumatiques Michelin (OR US), Place des Carmes Déchaux,63040, Clermont Ferrand, France

Società per Azioni Michelin Italiana, Corso n. 546 10156 Torino, , Italy


Nafta-Petrochem d.o.o., Mlinska ulica 5,9220, Lendava, Slovenia


Nalco Limited, P.O. Box 11, Winnington Avenue,, CW8 4DX, Northwich, Cheshire, United Kingdom

NAM & NAM International

NAM & NAM Europe GmbH, Emil-Figge-Str. 80,44227, Dortmund(1007), Germany

Nedastra Holding

Blue Cube Netherlands B.V. – OR1, Herbert H. Dowweg 5 (P.O. Box 48, 4530 AA Terneuzen, the Netherlands), 4542 NM, Hoek, Netherlands


NEOCHIM PLC, East Industrial Zone, Himkombinatska Str.,6403, Dimitrovgrad Haskovo, Bulgaria

NewMarket Corporation

Afton Chemical Ltd, London Road, RG12 2UW, Bracknell Berkshire, United Kingdom


PIONEER PLASTICS CORPORATION, 1 Pionite Rd, Auburn, Androscoggin, 04210, ME, , USA


Perstorp Chemicals GmbH, Germany, Bruchhausener Strasse 2,59759, Arnsberg, Germany

PERSTORP POLYOLS INC, 600 Matzinger Road, Toledo, Lucas, 43612-2695, OH, , USA

Perstorp Specialty Chemicals AB, Perstorp Industripark, SE-28480, Perstorp, Sweden

Perstorp Specialty Chemicals BV, Schoolstraat 1 NL-2912CP Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel, , Netherlands

PPG Industries

PPG Central (UK) Ltd - OR1, PO Box 162 Needham Rd, IP14 2AD, Stowmarket Suffolk, United Kingdom

PPG Industries Italia SpA, Via Serra, 1 15028 Quattordio, , Italy


PRAXAIR INC, Hwy 75 Ave, Geismar, Ascension, 70734, LA, , USA

Prefere Resins

Prefere Resins Finland Oy, Öljysatamantie 16,49401, Hamina, Finland

Prefere Resins France, 10, Rue Comtesse, F-62117, Brebieres, France

Prefere Resins Germany GmbH, Berliner Strasse 9 D-15537 Erkner, , Germany

Royal Dutch Shell

Infineum UK Ltd, PO Box 1 Milton Hill, OX13 6BB, Abingdon Oxon, United Kingdom

S.C. Viromet


Saviola Group

Sadepan Chimica S.r.l., Viale Lombardia,29,46019, Viadana, Italy

sbhpp group

Vyncolit NV (OR DC), Wiedauwkaai 6 9000 Gent, , Belgium

Vyncolit NV (OR DCa), Wiedauwkaai 6 9000 Gent, , Belgium

Vyncolit NV (OR SBJ), Wiedauwkaai 6 9000 Gent, , Belgium

Vyncolit NV (OR SBNA), Wiedauwkaai 6 9000 Gent, , Belgium

SCAS Group Laboratories

SCAS Europe S.A./N.V., Leonardo Da Vincilaan 19, B-1831, Diegem, Belgium


Services Techniques Schlumberger_OR 12, 1, Cours du Triangle 92936 La Défense, , France

Service Provider

Accent OOD, 42, Lyulin Planina Str.,999, Sofia Sofia, Bulgaria

BiPRO GmbH, Grauertstrasse 12,81545, Munich, Germany

B-Lands Consulting (811280-8), World Trade Center, 5 Place Robert Schuman - BP1510,38024, Grenoble France, France

B-Lands Consulting (811323-8), World Trade Center, 5 Place Robert Schuman - BP1510,38024, Grenoble France, France

Cambridge Environmental Assessments, Battlegate Road Boxworth, CB23 4NN, Cambridge Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

Cambridge Environmental Assessments part of ADAS UK Ltd, ADAS Boxworth Battlegate Road, Boxworth, CB23 4NN, Cambridge Cambridge, United Kingdom

Chemservice S.A - (EW8P), 5, an de Laengten,6776, Grevenmacher, Luxembourg

Exponent International, The Lenz Hornbeam Business Park, HG2 8RE, Harrogate North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

ITS Testing Services (UK) Ltd 6, Caleb Brett House 734 London Road, RM20 3NL, West Thurrock, Grays Essex, United Kingdom

REACH GLOBAL SERVICES S.A., Rond Point Schuman,6, B-1040, Brussels, Belgium

Reach Only Representative Ltd (abqico), Hippocampus House Hulme Lane, WA16 9QQ, Lower Peover Cheshire, United Kingdom

Reach Only Representative Ltd (ecmpla), Hippocampus House Hulme Lane, WA16 9QQ, Lower Peover Cheshire, United Kingdom

REACH&Colours Kft, Petofi Sandor utca 11 I Em. 4,1052, Budapest, Hungary

REACH24H CONSULTING GROUP, Suite 1E, Paramount Court, Corrig Road, Sandyford, Dublin 18, Dublin, Ireland

REACHLaw Ltd, Vänrikinkuja 3 JK 21 , FI-02600, Espoo, Finland

REACHLaw Ltd., Vänrikinkuja 3 JK 21 , FI-02600, Espoo, Finland

Sustainability Support Services (Europe) AB, Markaskälsvägen 6,22647, Lund, Sweden

The Acta Group EU, Ltd (22), Brook House Suite 2B 64-72 Spring Gardens, M2 2BQ, Manchester, United Kingdom

The REACH Centre, Lancaster Environment Centre Lancaster University, LA1 4YQ, Lancaster, United Kingdom

TÜV SÜD Industrie Service GmbH, IS-USR-MUC Westendstraße 199 80686 Munich, , Germany

UMCO Umwelt Consult GmbH, Georg-Wilhelm-Str. 183,21107, Hamburg, Germany

Wilfried Groll Beratun + Vermittlung für die Kunststoffverarbeitun, Eutiner Str. 13,26160, Bad Zwischenahn, Germany


HADJILUCAS S.A., 3, Patr. Ioakim str. Industrial Area of Komotini, Komotini, 106 73, Athens, Greece

SI Group

SI Group-Béthune S.A.S., 1111 Avenue George Washington Boite Postale 237, 62404 Cedex, Béthune, France

SI Group-UK, Ltd., Four Ashes, WV 10 7BT, Wolverhampton West Midlands, United Kingdom


SIGMA-ALDRICH CHIMIE SARL, 80 Rue de Luzais BP 701,38297, Saint Quentin Fallavier, France

Sigma-Aldrich Company Limited, The Old Brickyard, New Road, SP8 4XT, Gillingham, United Kingdom

Sigma-Aldrich Logistik GmbH, Riedstrasse 2,89555, Steinheim, Germany


Pfleiderer Silekol sp. z o.o., Mostowa 30K 47-220 Kędzierzyn-Koźle Opolskie, , Poland

Sonae Industria

EuroResinas - Indústrias Quimicas, SA, Plataforma Industrial de Sines - Lote Industrial I, 7520-064, Sines Setúbal, Portugal

Stahl Holdings

Stahl Europe B.V., Sluisweg 10 5145PE Waalwijk Noord Brabant, , Netherlands

Swiss Krnono group

SWISS KRONO sp. z o.o., Serbska 56 68-200 Zary lubuskie, , Poland


Synthite Ltd, Alyn Works Denbigh Road, CH7 1BT, Mold Flintshire, United Kingdom

Tennants Consolidated

Marinochem Ltd., Marino Point IE Cobh,Co. Cork, , Ireland

The Carlyle Group

Axalta Coating Systems Germany GmbH & Co. KG, Christbusch 25,42285, Wuppertal, Germany


The Valspar Corporation (UK) Ltd, Avenue 1, Station Lane OX28 4XR Witney Oxon, , United Kingdom


RICHARD-ALLAN SCIENTIFIC, 4481 Campus Dr, Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo, 49008, MI, , USA


Trammo Limited, 48 Dover Street W1S 4FF London, , United Kingdom


TROPAG Oscar H. Ritter Nachf. GmbH, Bundesstrasse 4,20146, Hamburg Hamburg, Germany


UAB "APLINKOS VADYBA", Vilkpėdės g. 22 03151 Vilnius, , Lithuania

Wanhua Group

BC KC Formalin Kft, Bólyai tér 1,3702, Kazincbarcika BAZ, Hungary

BorsodChem Zrt. - OR, Bolyai ter 1., H-3700, Kazincbarcika, Hungary

Worlée Group

Worlée-Chemie G.m.b.H., Grusonstraße 22,22113, Hamburg, Germany

Source: ECHA