Dichromium tris(chromate)

CAS Number
Dichromium tris(chromate)
SIN Groups
Chromium compounds
Reason for inclusion on the SIN List
Classified CMR according to Annex VI of Regulation 1272/2008
Date for inclusion on the SIN List
2008 September
REACH status, appears on
Source: ECHA
Candidate list
Authorisation list (annex XIV)
Registration information
Source: ECHA
Full registration
Hazard class and category code(s)
Source: ECHA
Ox. Sol. 1
Carc. 1B
Skin Corr. 1A
Skin Sens. 1
Aquatic Acute 1
Aquatic Chronic 1

Chemical information

Dichromtris(chromat); Chromium (III) chromate; Tris(cromato) de dicromo; Tris(chromate) de dichrome
EC number
Hazard statement code(s)
Source: ECHA
Registered production volume
Source: ECHA
10 - 100 tonnes per annum
Possible uses
Source: HSDB
yarn, anti corrosion paint
Technical function of substances
Source: HSDB
Corrosion inhibitor, mordant, catalyst
Registered use(s) - Chemical Product category (PC)
Source: ECHA
PC 14: Metal surface treatment products, including galvanic and electroplating products
PC 21: Laboratory chemicals
Registered use(s) - Article category (AC)
Source: ECHA
AC 7: Metal articles
Registered use(s) - Environmental Release Category (ERC)
Source: ECHA
ERC 1: Manufacture of substances
ERC 2: Formulation of preparations
ERC 5: Industrial use resulting in inclusion into or onto a matrix
Registered use(s) - Process Category (PROC)
Source: ECHA
PROC 10: Roller application or brushing
PROC 13: Treatment of articles by dipping and pouring
PROC 14: Production of preparations or articles by tabletting, compression, extrusion, pelletisation
PROC 15: Use as laboratory reagent
PROC 21: Low energy manipulation of substances bound in materials and/or articles
PROC 24: High (mechanical) energy work-up of substances bound in materials and/or articles
PROC 2: Use in closed, continuous  process with occasional controlled exposure
PROC 3: Use in closed batch process (synthesis or formulation)
PROC 4: Use in batch and other process (synthesis) where opportunity for exposure arises
PROC 5: Mixing or blending in batch processes for formulation of preparations and articles (multistage and/or significant contact)
PROC 7: Industrial spraying
PROC 8a: Transfer of substance or preparation (charging/discharging) from/to vessels/large containers at non-dedicated facilities
PROC 8b: Transfer of substance or preparation (charging/discharging) from/to vessels/large containers at dedicated facilities
PROC 9: Transfer of substance or preparation into small containers (dedicated filling line, including weighing)


Company Group
Company Name

Chemetall Italia S.R.L., Via della Tecnica 5-7 I-20833 Giussano (MI) Italy , , Italy

Chemetall S.A. Unipersonal, PS de la Ribera, 107 E-08420 Canovelles (Barcelona) Spain , , Spain

Chemetall SAS, Carré 92, Immeuble G2, 8 avenue des Louvresses F-92622 Gennevilliers Cedex France , , France


Henkel AG & Co. KGaA, Henkelstrasse 67 40191 Duesseldorf North-Rhine Westfalia Germany , , Germany

HENKEL WARREN, 23343 Sherwood Ave, Warren, Macomb, 48091, MI, US, , USA

Source: ECHA