Diarsenic trioxide

CAS Number
Diarsenic trioxide
SIN Groups
Arsenic compounds
Reason for inclusion on the SIN List
Classified CMR according to Annex VI of Regulation 1272/2008
Date for inclusion on the SIN List
2008 September
REACH status, appears on
Source: ECHA
Candidate list
Authorisation list (annex XIV)
Restriction list (annex XVII)
Registration information
Source: ECHA
Full registration
Hazard class and category code(s)
Source: ECHA
Carc. 1A
Acute Tox. 2 *
Skin Corr. 1B
Aquatic Acute 1
Aquatic Chronic 1

Chemical information

Diarsentrioxid; Arsenic trioxid; Trióxido de diarsénico; Trioxyde de diarsenic
EC number
Hazard statement code(s)
Source: ECHA
Registered production volume
Source: ECHA
100 - 1000 tonnes per annum
Possible uses
Source: HSDB; Chemical land
Wood, glass, alloys, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, leather hides, textile, ceramics, enamel, dyes, pigments
Technical function of substances
Source: HSDB; Chemical land
wood preservative, preserving hides; textile mordant, Pigment, decolorizing agent, pesticide
Registered use(s) - Sector End Use (SU)
Source: ECHA
SU 13: Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products, e.g. plasters, cement
SU 14: Manufacture of basic metals, including alloys
SU 8: Manufacture of  bulk, large scale chemicals (including petroleum products)
Registered use(s) - Chemical Product category (PC)
Source: ECHA
PC 19: Intermediate
PC 33: Semiconductors
PC 7: Base metals and alloys
Registered use(s) - Environmental Release Category (ERC)
Source: ECHA
ERC  7: Industrial use of substances in closed systems
ERC 1: Manufacture of substances
ERC 6a: Industrial use resulting in manufacture of another substance (use of intermediates)
Registered use(s) - Process Category (PROC)
Source: ECHA
PROC 1: Use in closed process, no likelihood of exposure
PROC 22: Potentially closed processing operations with minerals/metals at elevated temperature. Industrial setting
PROC 26: Handling of solid inorganic substances at ambient temperature
PROC 2: Use in closed, continuous  process with occasional controlled exposure
PROC 3: Use in closed batch process (synthesis or formulation)
PROC 4: Use in batch and other process (synthesis) where opportunity for exposure arises
PROC 8b: Transfer of substance or preparation (charging/discharging) from/to vessels/large containers at dedicated facilities


Company Group
Company Name

ALTICHEM, 4 Rue Jacques Vaucanson 95310 SAINT-OUEN-L'AUMÔNE VAL D'OISE France , , France

Aurubis Group

Aurubis AG, Hovestrasse 50 20539 Hamburg Hamburg Germany , , Germany

Boliden Group

Boliden Kokkola Oy, Sinkkiaukio 1 67900 Kokkola Finland , , Finland


Nordenhamer Zinkhütte GmbH, Johannastr. 1 26954 Nordenham Germany , , Germany


KENNECOTT UTAH COPPER, LLC, 4700 Daybreak Parkway, South Jordan, Salt Lake, 84095, UT, US, , USA


KOPPERS PEFORMANCE CHEMICALS, 3450 Fite Rd, Millington, Shelby, 38053, TN, US, , USA

Lonza Group

ARCH WOOD PROTECTION INC, 1579 Koppers Road, Conley, Clayton, 30288-1215, GA, US, , USA

Rockwood Holdings

CHEMICAL SPECIALTIES INCORPORATED, 5910 Pharr Mill Road, Harrisburg, Cabarrus, 28075-8625, NC, US, , USA

Service Provider

B-Lands Consulting (811244-6), World Trade Center, 5 Place Robert Schuman - BP 1516 38025 Grenoble France France , , France

B-Lands Consulting (811244-6) , World Trade Center, 5 Place Robert Schuman - BP 1516 38025 Grenoble France France, , France


Umicore NV/SA, Rue du Marais 31 1000 Brussels Belgium, , Belgium

Umicore NV/SA, Rue du Marais 31 1000 Brussels Belgium , , Belgium

UMICORE SPECIALTY CHEMICALS - ARAB, 1951 Guntersville Road, Arab, Marshall, 35016-3993, AL, US, , USA

UMICORE SPECIALTY CHEMICALS - ARAB, 1951 Guntersville Road, Arab, US, , USA

Source: ECHA