CAS Number
SIN Groups
Highly reactive compounds
Reason for inclusion on the SIN List
Classified CMR according to Annex VI of Regulation 1272/2008
Date for inclusion on the SIN List
2009 October
REACH status, appears on
Source: ESIS
Authorisation list (annex XIV)
Candidate list
Hazard class and category code(s)
Source: ECHA
Carc. 2
Repr. 1B
Acute Tox. 4 *
Aquatic Chronic 2

Chemical information

EC number
Hazard statement code(s)
Source: ECHA
Possible uses
Source: HSDB
plastics, cushions, mattresses, carpet backing, adhesives, automobiles, furniture, and wood-resin composites, building insulation, rigid polyurethane and polyisocyanurate foams, flame-laminated and rebonded flexible foam, flame-retardant coatings, thermosets, cast acrylic sheet
Technical function of substances
Source: HSDB
Flame-retardant, plasticizer
Registered use(s) - Sector End Use (SU)
Source: ECHA
SU 19: Building and construction work
SU 2b: Offshore industries
Registered use(s) - Chemical Product category (PC)
Source: ECHA
PC 9a: Coatings and paints, thinners, paint removes
Registered use(s) - Article category (AC)
Source: ECHA
AC 4: Stone, plaster, cement, glass and ceramic articles
AC 7: Metal articles
Registered use(s) - Environmental Release Category (ERC)
Source: ECHA
ERC 10a: Wide dispersive outdoor use of long-life articles and materials with low release
ERC 5: Industrial use resulting in inclusion into or onto a matrix
ERC 8f: Wide dispersive outdoor use resulting in inclusion into or onto a matrix
Registered use(s) - Process Category (PROC)
Source: ECHA
PROC 10: Roller application or brushing
PROC 11: Non industrial spraying
PROC 13: Treatment of articles by dipping and pouring
PROC 4: Use in batch and other process (synthesis) where opportunity for exposure arises
PROC 5: Mixing or blending in batch processes for formulation of preparations and articles (multistage and/or significant contact)
PROC 7: Industrial spraying
PROC 8a: Transfer of substance or preparation (charging/discharging) from/to vessels/large containers at non-dedicated facilities


Company Group
Company Name

ACETO CORPORATION, 4 Tri Harbor Ct, Port Washington, Nassau, 11050, NY, US, , USA

ACETO CORPORATION, 4 Tri Harbor Ct, Port Washington, US, , USA

Source: ECHA